Hi, I am Rupak ... an urbanist by profession and a relentless enquirer on AI’s impact on urbanism, industries, and future careers.

Few professions afford the privilege and joy of peeking and poking into other occupations like urban planning – so I am glad to be in the right profession during these eventful times.

Admittedly, I have also ridden its ebbs and flows – delivering complex multi-disciplinary projects, speaking at conferences, teaching at universities – while also experiencing unexpected department and company closures as global economics get more volatile and unpredictable.

What teaches most in life are the ebbs – the lows. As Napoleon Hill said, “Every Adversity, Every Failure, Every Heartbreak, Carries With It The Seed Of An Equal Or Greater Benefit”.

My lows drove me to observe, explore, and investigate what was happening around me – in professions and industries globally. I had 2 key realizations – how advances in AI and ICT are radically transforming industries, and that it's only starting!

As we face the initial winds of a growing storm on the horizon – a storm called the AI Revolution, humanity’s 4th and most potent industrial revolution, I have wanted to help early-career people through my writings and career resources in these transformative times.

Youth To Infinity was a result of my observations and reflections in the mindset and personal development realm - a pithy collection of essential success wisdom that I wish I had at my start.

So, here's wishing the early-career dream chasers a joyful journey of self-discovery, purpose, creativity, and a world of abundance and infinity that awaits them.

Carpe Diem!


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