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This phenomenal compilation brings together success essentials from age-old masters to industry leaders

in a must-have book for early-career people and millennials.

Introduction to the Book

Life offers boundless treasures and any number of ways to enjoy them. Whichever passion you choose to follow and stick with, there is a certainty you will achieve success and fulfillment through a testing path of trials and tribulations – and have fun along the way.

Being on the maturer side of youth, at least age-wise, I often wished there was a manual for success and happiness in life, handed to us at the start of youth. And there it was – in the form of a handful of family, friends, teachers, a thousand books, Google, and a million YouTube videos – an abundance of resources that we all have access to. Unfortunately, not as much time for.

So sprung the idea of a pithy compilation of essential success wisdom that I would have liked to have had in my youth. Discovering what I wish I knew as a youth, the focus audience of the compilation was obvious – youth – for, that’s when the guiding whispers matter most.

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To Youth

For such infinite potential that so often lies unawakened.

Drowned by incessant myriad fleeting distractions.

Only to be whispered to their searching souls.

Of the enormous power brewing within.

Power to observe. Power to learn.

Power to dream. Power to think.

Power to act. Power to create.

Power to improve. Power to give.

People. Place. Planet.

The power to leave them better than found.

Rupak Chatterjee

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Peggy McColl

New York Times Best-Selling Author


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“For more than 40 years I have been studying personal development and have read thousands of books on the subject.

It is rare that a book comes along that pleasantly surprises me as this one did. This book is a perfect collection of wisdom.

I truly believe that you will not only love reading this book, but this may become your daily study.”